Interactive Management and Personal Development Workshops

People learn by involvement, not by being lectured at. That’s the principle at the core of our interactive learning workshops. Learners are encouraged to examine their existing knowledge and assumptions, and build on them by engaging with the materials and carrying out exercises and activities. The focus throughout is on what learners can take away with them to use back in the workplace.

Most sessions run best as one-day workshops, although where indicated there are options for smaller ‘bite-size’ courses and longer, in-depth programmes. We can also put together programmes of complementary workshops, such as management programmes made up of a series of related workshops.

We can run workshops at your premises, or at selected venues around the country. Most workshops work best with six to ten learners, but can also be run effectively with as few as three or as many as twelve.

The list on the right shows the range of ‘off-the-shelf’ courses available, but we’d be very happy to talk to you about designing a programme of learning specific to your needs.








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