Taking Meeting Minutes

Produce professional minutes with less stress and hassle

Meeting minutes are an important source of information and a legal document, but minute takers are often expected to work out how it’s done for themselves. There are, however, simple and effective techniques anyone can apply to capture the right information and produce a professional and effective set of minutes. This course looks at the different requirements of minutes in different situations, and takes participants through the process from preparing for the meeting through to typing up the final document.


Practical, skills-based sessions will help participants understand how they can work effectively with the chair to ensure a meeting set-up which is helpful to minute taking. The course then focuses on how to extract the message from the unimportant ‘noise’, and note down the important details, interrupting professionally where necessary for clarification. A practice meeting will help participants try their new skills, before an in-depth look at the writing-up process helps to ensure that the final product is ‘to spec’.

The workshop is based on widely used minute taking techniques such as those championed by Joanna Guttmann. There is plenty of scope for delegates to discuss and gain insight into specific issues, if any exist.

This topic can also be delivered as a coaching session, as part of an integrated programme, or via an alternative learning method such as e-learning. It can also be adapted to suit your specific needs, including adjusting it to a half-day workshop with a narrower focus, or a two-day in-depth workshop. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us.



At a Glance

Who it's for:

Minute takers who wish to improve
New minute takers
Experienced minute takers looking for a refresher

What it covers:

What makes a meeting effective?
Different types of minutes
Working with the meeting chair
Listening for the key details
‘Topic and point’ – filters for extracting the message
Note taking without shorthand
Simulated meeting to practice skills
Writing up minutes – dos and don’ts
Timescales and admin before and after the meeting
Working with agendas

What you'll get:

In-depth understanding of the minute taker role
Ability to work effectively with the chair
Techniques to extract key messages
Skills to take notes effectively during a meeting
Techniques to write up notes professionally
The confidence to produce professional minutes