Events to Build Teams, Make Group Decisions and Raise Morale

When the only time your team has together is in the pressured office environment, it can be hard to build close-knit relationships. Taking them out of their normal surroundings to focus on improving how they work together as a team can significantly boost productivity and morale. Also, most teams will be grateful for the chance to try something new in different surroundings, so this kind of event can be seen as a ‘bonus’ or reward.

Events are tailored to suit your requirements. We can blend a variety of elements such as fun, challenge, mental exercise, physical exercise, light-hearted competition, building trust and problem-solving. The focus can be on whatever you want: learning, decision-making, determining strategy or just fun and teamwork.

A skilled facilitator will guide your participants through the planned programme, being as hands-on or hands-off as the situation requires, making sure that participants have maximum chance to get involved, but that objectives for the event are always kept in focus.

Events can be from one to five days, and venues can be indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, economy or luxury. We’ll work with you to choose the ideal conditions.  


Example Events

Fun & Teambuilding Focus

Cotswolds Activity Event
Indoor Team Challenge
ActivePursuits Challenge

Decision-making Focus

Facilitated Strategy/Direction Focus Group
Facilitated Ideas Development Session

Learning Focus

'How do Teams Work?' Combined Workshop/Event
Team Discovery-learning Events