Focused Selection and Assessment Processes

It has been estimated that bad recruitment decisions can cost companies over 25% of the position’s salary, and leave you back at square one. Getting it right first time is vital, and we can help with each step, from writing job profiles through designing interviews and assessment centres to making and justifying the final choice. We can take on management of the whole process, work alongside your existing staff, or work in advisory capacity.

We can put together processes that combine competency-based interviews, psychometric and aptitude testing, work simulations and other elements as required, and weight these according to proven best practice and your individual needs.

We can bring to the table recruiting experience gained in selecting people for companies like Wyeth pharmaceuticals, PJ Carroll tobacco, and Greenstar (now Biffa) waste management, making sure you get the best person to fill your vacancy.







Job Specification

Person Specifications
Job Descriptions
Competency Frameworks
Equality Act 2010 Compliance

Process Design & Implementation

Choosing and Administering Aptitude Testing
Designing Competency-based Interviews
Choosing and Administering Psychometric Tests
Designing and Adminstering Work Simulations
Creating Combined Assessment Reports
Carrying out Competncy-based Interviews
Assessment Centre Implementation/Administration
Optimising the Candidate Experience
Equality Act 2010 Compliance


Candidate Feedback
Criteria-based Decision Processes
Equality Act 2010 Compliance