Personal Effectiveness & Development

Realise your potential and become more effective at work.

This broad-based course is aimed at anyone wishing to improve their personal effectiveness at work and develop a personal style and the skills to go with it. By looking at what makes successful people succeed in the workplace, the course is able to show which elements of organisational skills, interpersonal skills and self-management techniques lead to success. Participants are encouraged to focus on their own barriers to greater effectiveness, and select the tools and skills that work best for them.


Practical, skills-based sessions will help participants understand what makes for effectiveness in the workplace and outside it. By trying new methods and techniques to manage themselves and their interactions with others, participants will gain renewed confidence and assurance in selecting the right behaviours for any situation, and applying them for greater effectiveness.

The workshop is based on proven principles of psychology and effectiveness, and introduces tools used by successful people around the world to improve their impact. There is plenty of scope for participants to gain insight into specific issues, if any exist.

This topic can also be delivered as a coaching session, as part of an integrated programme, or via an alternative learning method such as e-learning. It can also be adapted to suit your specific needs, including adjusting it to a half-day workshop with a narrower focus, or a two-day in-depth workshop. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us.



At a Glance

Who it's for:

Staff at all levels looking to improve effectiveness
Those wishing to develop their own personal style
Staff who find interpersonal interaction challeging

What it covers:

Self-management and organisation
Managing your time to ensure effectiveness
Overcoming barriers to greater effectiveness
Development and lifelong learning
Being more assertive
Communicating simple messages with impact
Minimising the impact of stress
Taking responsibility for your own results
Managing your personal brand and style

What you'll get:

In-depth understanding of what makes effectiveness
Ability to identify and master your personal barriers
Skills to make ongoing development a reality
Techniques to be more assertive and create impact
The ability to create your own personal brand