Client Profile: Zurich

Outdoor Leadership/Teambuilding Events

Held at the Cotswold Conference Centre in partnership with a major training provider, This two-day event ran monthly over two years as part of a wider leadership programme. Mixing indoor and outdoor learning activities, participants learned proven techniques to build a dynamic team over the two days, relating the learning back to their own teams.

A robust selection process was in place for this programme, and 360 was selected as showing the necessary expertise and culture fit. The programme was tightly controlled, with regular project meetings and continuous professional development for all suppliers.

360 also redesigned elements of the programme to ensure continuous improvement, taking the learning from each session and applying it to the next. Feedback was outstanding, with particiapnts citing the enjoyment and learning levels as equally high. 360 were also asked to take part in other projects for the insurer, including Recruitment Skills workshop dlivery in the UK and Slovakia.






At a Glance

Services Delivered

Programme redesign
Outdoor Leadership/Teambuilding Workshops
Ongoing Programme Management/Improvement


Programme kept 100% up-to-date
Excellent feedback from delegates
Chosen as an ongoing supplier