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Yes, it Applies to You: Common defence mechanisms can get in the way of behavioural change. Yes, even for you.

When we try to change behaviour by showing how people often think irrationally, many will say 'yes, but that doesn't apply to me'. We can get past these defence mechanisms, but only with care [...]

What's in a Name: The name we give to a course or subject area can make more difference than we might think.

Old names that have been around for years may need updating. A new name may help us align better with the way people see the world right now, and inject positivity and new life [...]

Framing it Right: The assumptions you make when putting ideas to yourself and others can impact how they are viewed.

We see reality, and describe it to others, as if viewing a picture. We can never see or fully describe the real thing. We decide where to draw the frame, what parts to put in and to leave out, what parts to relegate [...]

Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: What do they mean in 2013, twenty-four years after their initial publication?

This blog has a strong focus on introducing new ideas. But we shouldn’t throw away the old ones if they still work. It’s important to review classic ideas and ask how they’re standing the test of time, and they don’t [...]

The Planning Fallacy: Why you, like everybody else, tend to be too optimistic when planning projects, and what you can do about it.

Construction on the new Wembley Stadium was projected as taking three years and costing £458 million; it took seven and cost more than twice that. The Scottish Parliament Building’s initial estimated costs were [...]

From All Angles Launch: New insights into improving productivity and effectiveness, blogging fortnightly from January.

360 Development Solutions is my baby. It’s a consultancy offering training and development solutions that look at things from all angles. It’s mainly me, with associates for specific projects as necessary. I’m passionate [...]
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December 2015 - January 2016: Sales & Induction Programme [...]
Southwark Council
November 2014 - Ongoing: Personal Development Programme [...]
Major Utility/Major Training Provider
March 2012 - Ongoing: Management & Personal Development Modules [...]
Major Bank/Major Training Provider
November 2012 - Ongoing: Minute Taking & Business Writing Modules [...]
Unite the Union/Planet Training
March 2012 - Ongoing: Time Management & Customer Care Modules [...]