Client Profile: Homerton

360 Degree Feedback Delivery

As part of Homerton's award-winning LEAP Leadership programme, 360 was asked to deliver 360 degree feedback to leaders at all levels of the Trust, at the start and end of the 12-month programme. Participants asked colleagues to fill out anonymous feedback forms, which were them collated by 360 to produce a report.

Feeding back this kind of report requires care; sensitivity to the possibilty of damage from difficult feedback must be balanced with a firm focus on the value of criticism and the learning and development opportunities presented. This is a specialty of 360, and the project was delivered with excellent feedback.

Terry used to work for Homerton as Training Manager, designing and leadeing the LEAP programme. The fact that he was asked back to complete this project demosntrates the level of regard in which he is held by the Trust and the Training and HR team there.






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360 Degree Feedback Report Collation
Individual 360 Degree Feedback Sessions


Excellent feedback from client
Programme was a success