Client Profile: Growth Technology

Diversity Awareness Programme

Growth Technology, an award-winning SME creating and selling horticultural products, wanted a diversity programme to help raise awareness in their diverse workforce, based across different warehouses and offices. We designed a half-day interactive workshop and rolled it out it every employee, making each one aware of their responsibilities.

Participants were asked to consider how diversity affects everyone, and how we are all diverse even when we appear to be in the majority. The Eqaulity Act 2010 was addressed in detail, with participants asked to say how it affected everyday work. The workshop ended with an inspirational session on how to get the most from diversity in the workplace.

The programme was well-received across the board, and 360 were also asked to deliver management development, customer relationship management, and assertiveness workshops.






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Instructional Design
Half-day Diversity Workshops
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Excellent feedback from delegates
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