Getting Interview and Selection Right

Pick the right people to become part of your organisation

Using interview and selection processes effectively is the key to getting the right people in your organisation, and a bad recruitment decision can cost an organisation in many ways. Yet many interviewers receive little or no formal training, leaving the door open not only to bad decisions, but potentially to litigation. This workshop gives participants clear guidance on best practice in interviewing and selection, equipping them with the skills they need to make the best choices for your organisation.


The workshop provides a practical set of tools for planning and delivering interviews and exploring the key questions that determine a candidate’s effectiveness in the role. Participants will also familiarise themselves with a clear and easy to follow framework to ensure that their practice is non-discriminatory, and are given an opportunity to practice their skills in a simulated interview. Best practice in streamlining the process from vacancy to offer will be outlined so that participants are aware of their role within it and can ensure that decisions are based solely on the organisation’s needs.

The workshop can be run as a one-day or a two-day programme. Both cover the same topics, but the two-day workshop allows time for a series of interview role-play scenarios which are excellent for building skills in new interviewers. Participants for the one-day course are required to complete some pre-course reading and a pre-course assignment. There is plenty of scope for delegates to raise and gain insight into specific issues, should any exist.

This topic can also be delivered as a coaching session, as part of an integrated programme, or via an alternative learning method such as e-learning. It can also be adapted to suit your specific needs, including adjusting it to a half-day workshop with a narrower focus, or a two-day in-depth workshop. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us.



At a Glance

Who it's for:

Managers and HR staff who are new to interviewing
Managers and HR staff looking to improve their skills
Managers who have received no formal training

What it covers:

The importance of getting it right: costs and benefits
The selection framework
Defining needs and testing for a fit
Competencies and job profiles
The law and you – dos and don’ts
Designing questions to fit job requirements
Probing into candidates’ answers – the STAR method
The human pitfalls interviewers must avoid
Communication skills and rapport in interview
Practice interviews and feedback

What you'll get:

Understanding of the importance of good practice
The skills to make job outlines into testable standards
Practical guidelines for effective interview planning
The skills to conduct interviews professionally
Techniques to refine the interview process