Communicating with Impact

Get your message across with impact and influence

Many people see communication as a very simple thing. They say what they mean, and if others misunderstand, that’s not their responsibility. This course is about getting results by taking responsibility for how you communicate with others, and improving your skills in being understood by everyone. Conversely, it’s also about understanding others, and develop better skills in drawing out unclear messages.


Practical, skills-based sessions will help participants plan communication effectively, considering individual styles and preferences, to make an impact no matter what the situation. The workshop also provides a framework for helping staff to interpret body language and non-verbal signals in order to more clearly understand the attitudes and meanings of others.

The workshop is based on widely accepted principles of communication, such as those developed by Carl Jung, Albert Mehrabian and Richard Bandler. Delegates are encouraged to bring along specific issues to discuss, if any exist.

This topic can also be delivered as a coaching session, as part of an integrated programme, or via an alternative learning method such as e-learning. It can also be adapted to suit your specific needs, including adjusting it to a half-day workshop with a narrower focus, or a two-day in-depth workshop. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us.



At a Glance

Who it's for:

Staff at all levels who wish to communicate better
Those who wish to create more impact and influence
Those who would like to adapt their style

What it covers:

Modelling successful communicators
Planning for successful communication
Identifying and overcoming barriers to communication
Communication styles – Jung’s styles model
Identifying your style and adapting it as required
Non-verbal communication - body language and tone
The skills of active listening
Building rapport – matching and mirroring
Being more assertive
Persuading and influencing with impact

What you'll get:

A grasp of what makes communication successful
The ability to identify and adapt your preferred style
The ability to use and read non-verbal signals
Skills to listen effectively and build rapport
Techniques to be more assertive
Skills to persuade and influence others with impact