One-to-one Sessions to Address Target Areas

Group workshops and activities have a range of benefits from the interactions involved, but one-to-one coaching can make up for this in intensity and focus. We can provide skilled, NLP-certified coaching for managers and other staff, helping them to work through their learning barriers at their own pace. We can help them in reaching the level their role requires, or in building on strengths and moving up to the next level.

Coaching can be focused on specific areas including but not limited to those on which we offer workshops (listed on the right), or can be more general, working learning objectives in a broad range of areas and working to meet them.

Coaching programmes can be of a fixed length, from one session upwards, or can be continued for as long as the learner feels they are benefiting.







Example Topics

Management Development

People Management Essentials
Managing Difficult Situations
Managing Projects
Making Change Work
Innovation, Creativity & Problem Solving
Managing and Maximising Performance
Helping Your People Develop
Getting Interview and Selection Right
Designing and Running Assessment Centres

Personal Development

Assertiveness Skills
Personal Effectiveness & Development
Making Customer Relationships Work
Presentation Skills
Taking Meeting Minutes
Working with Diversity
Communicating with Impact
Time Management
Business Writing with Impact

Other Areas

Environmental Management