Assertiveness Skills

Assert yourself for personal and professional success.

One of the most transferable skills around, assertiveness equips us to achieve better relationships and be happier and more productive. This workshop clearly defines assertiveness and its associated behaviours and gives a range of practical techniques to solve workplace issues. Participants assess current levels of assertiveness, and then learn and apply the key skills of assertive communication. The benefits of assertiveness are thoroughly explored, as well as the difference between assertiveness, aggressiveness and submissiveness.


Practical, skills-based sessions will help participants understand what is stopping them from being more assertive, and give them a chance to try new techniques to improve their assertiveness. The workshop will help those who may be too assertive as well as those who feel they could be more assertive. Participants will leave with renewed confidence and the ability to tackle problems in an assertive and constructive fashion.

The workshop is based on proven principles of psychology and assertiveness, and introduces tools used by people around the world to improve effectiveness. There is plenty of scope for participants to gain insight into specific questions and issues, and they are encouraged to bring along specific issues to discuss, if any exist.

This topic can also be delivered as a coaching session, as part of an integrated programme, or via an alternative learning method such as e-learning. It can also be adapted to suit your specific needs, including adjusting it to a half-day workshop with a narrower focus, or a two-day in-depth workshop. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us.



At a Glance

Who it's for:

Anybody who wishes to become more assertive
Anybody who feels they can sometimes be aggressive
Staff at all levels who wish to be more effective

What it covers:

The value and benefits of assertiveness
The assertive spectrum – aggressive to submissive
Self-awareness: where are you now?
The social and psychological basis for behaviour
The assertiveness toolkit – a range of tools
Assertiveness with clients – keeping everyone happy
Assertiveness with colleagues
Assertiveness scenarios – techniques in practice

What you'll get:

A clear grasp of the benefits of assertiveness
Clear understanding of your level of assertiveness
Understanding of the obstacles to assertiveness
Skills to overcome obstacles and be more assertive
A broad portfolio of assertiveness tools
Practical exercises to improve assertiveness