Learning Alternatives

Alternative Learning Methods to Suit Indivdual Needs

There are as many different ideal ways to learn as there are learners. As a complement to our workshops, coaching, consultancy and teambuilding events, we offer a range of alternatives to meet your learning needs. Example topic areas are listed on the right; these can be delivered as stand-alone learning opportunities or as part of blended or integrated programmes with workshops and other events to truly approach learning from every angle.

Action Learning

Action learning is a powerful method popularised by Reginald Revans. Instead of sessions being led by the facilitator, learners set the agenda and help each other work through their issues in order to gain insights and help make learning concrete. It can be particularly effective as a follow-up to a traditional workshop.


e-learning packages can be made up to meet your requirements and are an effective way to help learners who may find face-to-face learning less suited to their needs. Programmes can include ‘chat’ tutorials, online tests and interactive learning modules.

Psychometrics and Other Solutions

We can also offer mentoring services, where we either provide or help you set up mentors to help individuals with ongoing development, and psychometric testing, where we use self-testing as a basis for self-examination and learning. A popular format for this is 360 feedback, where reports are compiled from colleague feedback and used as a means of identifying improvement areas.







Sample Topics

Management Development

People Management Essentials
Managing Difficult Situations
Managing Projects
Making Change Work
Innovation, Creativity & Problem Solving
Managing and Maximising Performance
Helping Your People Develop
Getting Interview and Selection Right
Designing and Running Assessment Centres

Personal Development

Assertiveness Skills
Personal Effectiveness & Development
Making Customer Relationships Work
Presentation Skills
Taking Meeting Minutes
Working with Diversity
Communicating with Impact
Time Management
Business Writing with Impact

Other Areas

Information Technology
Integrated Management Programme
Environmental Management